Home remedies for Asthma

Asthma remedies

People are tired of inhalers and medicine for asthma. It is appreciated if patients can try home remedies for asthma. It is easy to get rid of asthma if home remedies are followed religiously. However, asthma is not a disease that will heal in 1 days’ time. It will burn sometime if patients must get rid of asthma using home remedies by ehome remedies hub.

There are a few home remedies that can help one rid of this stubborn disease. They are free from side effects and cost-effective as usually, all the items used in these remedies are available at home only. Hence one does not need to spend any extra amount. However, one must remember that these remedies take time but work for sure. Hence they are worth to give a try.

Steam bath

Warm steam baths will help to alleviate nasal congestion and any irritation in the nasal pathways. Airway irritation on nosed is associated with asthma and steam treatments will remove irritation. Steam baths are effective home remedies that can be used for asthma medications. Patients who have nasal problems can have asteambath, and they can also do steaming with hot water.


Garlic is often used as a natural remedy for asthma and manage many diseases. It has many properties that can help to cure some of the diseases. It helps in treating many cardio diseases due to its rich anti-inflammatory properties. Asthma is again an inflammatory disease; hence garlic will help the patients relief from asthma symptoms. Garlic, when consumed with any food, will be effective for asthma. It can be consumed by just smashing it using a vessel and inhaling the aroma will help asthma cure.


Ginger also contributes in decreasing the inflammation, and a recent study has proved that ginger supplement helps in asthma. Consuming ginger improves lung function and in turn, promotes the cure for asthma problems. Ginger can be consumed along with any food, and it is good to add extra ginger to the daily foods that us prepared for asthma patients. Consuming ginger with lemon water will help cure asthma problems, and when consumed on an empty stomach, one can expect good results.

Echinacea and Licorice Root

Studies have examined that the most effective home remedy for asthma is licorice root powder. It is very effective when used along with Echinacea to treat all the respiratory-related problems. It is effective and not associated with any side effects when consumed. Worsening asthma patients can consume this to see visible results. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to soothe the lungs and regulated blood pressure. Licorice root can be consumed by just mixing with hot water and can be consumed on an empty stomach.


As everyone knows turmeric has a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties; turmeric is very proficient in curing asthma. It is the safest remedy used for curing asthma, and it can be consumed easily with milk. Add few turmeric powder with warm milk and pepper. Consume it daily for good results.

These are some of the important home remedies that are time-tested and known for effective cures.

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